Docker create and push image

  1. create a dockerhub account and create repository
    here I call it “backend-server”


FB phone screen


citadel onsite

  1. behavior question by the head
    if a business team comes to you with an urgent request, and you also have your periodic assignment to turn in by the end of the week. How would you handle that?

2. implement binary searcch

3. set vs. list vs. tuple vs. dict in access time and insert time

give you two pandas dataframe, how would you write a reporting function, find the missing key-combo and the key-combo with mismatching values


4. how do you think of hedge fund? how do you compare it with gambling?
3 stocks form a portfolio, find the STD/risk of the portfolio using historical data

setup https for wordpress with docker

1. install docker-ce

2. install docker-compose


3. setup domain name, and link it to the node you are setting up your web server; install letsencrypt on the webserver


4. install wordpress using docker with the docker-compose.yml below; and do “sudo docker-compose up -d”


5. after start the wordpress docker container,


6. login to the wordpress docker container and do following


7. shutdown the container and put the letsencrypt key and certificate combo to the ~/blog/etc/apache2 folder


8. modify the docker-compose.yml file add the following two lines


9. start docker containers again and turn on the ssl redirect plugin


Multiprocessing 1

I have been using python multiprocessing for quite a bit time, but it was all simple pool and I would like to understand deeper than just blindly using the multiprocessing package.

  1. given a list of word and start two process to print out the list in sequence

The same functionality can also be achieved using pipe